Australia is not commonly known for its mind-blowing dry powder and steeps outside of the core crew that spend seasons in the local Alps. However, with the recent rise in popularity of touring and backcountry snowboarding, hidden, big-mountain gems have been popping up on social media feeds at regular intervals in our own backyard. Mix with that a bunch of back-to-back storms and you have steeps, powder and a need for outerwear that can cope.

Enter the North Face Fuse Brigandine Jacket. North Face has long been at the forefront of outerwear development and they have nailed it again with the Fuse.

The North Face have utilised advanced manufacturing techniques that make it possible to weave two material properties into a single fabric. This has eliminated much of the bulk required for traditional methods and has allowed the Fuse jacket to be less bulky, lighter, stronger and more durable than ever before.

Abrasion resistant fabrics in areas that cop it the most, such as shoulders, sides and inner arms help with those wipe-outs and rag dolls, while the aesthetically pleasing construction keep you looking fresh on piste as well as off.

Of course it comes with plenty of pockets for storage, with all the internal goggle and phone pockets keeping your gear safe. Keeping you safe is the added Recco technology.

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