JAPAN JOURNALS EPISODE 4 2013 - What Lies North of Niseko? from Japan Journals on Vimeo.

We have left the best until last! Episode 4 is the final for the 2013 season and the crew made sure we ended with a bang.

After being piled into the Rhythm Van for far too many hours the crew are able to escape for long enough to experiment with some One Foot shenanigans and double corks all while scoring some incredible snow in the northern most parts of Japan.

The crew, consisting of Nick Hyne, Nick Brown, Connor Harding and Alex Stewart make their way from Niseko as far north as the Japanese roads will let them go, Wakkanai. In fact just another 5 hour ferry ride and they would have made it to Russia.

An epic road trip to see off the 2013 season.

Japan Journals is a snowboarding web series based out of the fluffy depths of Japan's snow covered wilderness.