When planning a holiday to the snow, especially the Australian snow it’s a bit of a dice roll. Trips can be planned so far in advance the conditions are mostly unknown. Snow depths, terrain that’s open and park features are all a mystery until the morning drive up the hill.

In this environment it’s handy to have a board that is ready for anything and everything. The Rome Agent Rocker has been around for years and it’s been through some minor changes this year.

Rome Agent Rocker First Look Side

A new shape and camber line have taken the board even further in its quest for all-mountain reign. The board is designed for the rider who rips up the inbounds terrain most days but isn’t afraid to duck back into the park for a couple of cheeky laps.

The Agent features Rome’s QuickRip sidecut – two side cuts integrated to perform differently at high and low speeds allowing the board to transition from one riding style to the next.

Super poppy with Rome’s Z-Tech 1.0 power bands, but buttery enough to be playful at $699 it’s better than buying three boards to cover all the aspects that the Agent Rocker covers.

Check it out this season in your local snowboard shop